“It’s the Connections”, People!

We are always asking our students, “What did you learn?” For me, my Powerful Learning Practice experiences (eCourses and year-long Connected Educator Experience) taught me that it’s the people we meet, connect with and grow with that makes all the difference. The how doesn’t matter. We can meet face to face or online using different apps like Skype, Twitter, Google Hangouts, email, etc. What does matter is the human factor. No longer do we just have access to the great ideas of our¬† colleagues next door to our classroom but we can reach out anywhere, anytime to tap into and collectively add wisdom and knowledge to our teaching practice.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the PLPNetwork’s ADVIS (Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools) Teams culminating event showcasing member school’s Action Research Projects on May 14. Delaware County Christian School was this event. The presenting schools:

I am a member of Team One and the St. Gregory the Great Global Goddesses in Virginia Beach, VA. I live in Philadelphia, PA, and, as this event was being held nearby, I was eager to participate in a live event. (We are presenting our Action Research project virtually in June.)

The minute I walked in, I was greeted warmly by the DCCS staff and invited to sit with them at their table. Anticipation filled the room. Untold hours had been spent by each team to create their Action Research project. Each team had questioned, wondered and created a plan to address the needs of their particular school.

In the morning, each team presented their projects. We had an opportunity to ask questions and to learn from them. The afternoon was used to create a collaborative action plan starting with each participant choosing topics that they felt were important for student learning. Sharing theses topics, the group narrowed them down to the top five. Then, each team, starting first with the barriers to effecting change and coming up with a positive plan of action. These plans will be shared in the PLP community space.

I had promised my Global Goddesses partners that I would “tweet” about the day so they could participate virtually. I collected those tweets with Storify and am sharing them here with you.


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