Going Forward You Need to Look Back!

reflectionThere are some things you just know you need to do! An opportunity arose for me to enroll in the Powerful Learning Practice’s Connected Coaching eCourse with Lani Ritter Hall and Amy Musone. I seized the moment! The Connected Coaching eCourse is all about trust, building from the strengths you already possess and being willing to look at what’s “messy” so that you’re able to achieve your goals – whatever they might be.

I was most interested in becoming a better listener, asking not only the right questions but better questions and fine tuning my skills as one who empowers others and brings out the best in them – just like Hellman’s on a sandwich. I have made progress but it’s a process much like Design Thinking and Action Research. You plan, act, reflect and plan some more! You can always get better at whatever it is you love to do!

This was the right place and the right time for me! I learned a lot about myself and I met many others whose stories were rich with experiences, expertise and a willingness to share and learn as well. I made friends as well as colleagues!

You see, Marilee Adams (2004, pp 7-8) writes that “A world of questions is a world of possibility. [The spirit of inquiry] opens our minds, connects us to each other, and shakes outmoded paradigms. [It invites] exploration, discovery, innovation, and cooperation…We have only to ask the right questions to begin”.

So, I created this GoAnimate to reflect some of my questioning skills. As I move forward towards new and/or different goals and my own ‘world of possibility’, I can look back on this eCourse, our Coaches Lani and Amy, and members of the class as being a very important part of my wayfinding!


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